Retro Dresses


Wait, hi? How long has it been? Really Emily, you’re trying to resurrect this little fashion blog now?

Yes, okay, I stopped because sometimes I feel that my love of fashion is silly and unimportant. But today I was feeling especially proud of my outfit, and I was able to snap a quick-and-terrible picture with my droid, and “edit” it with instagram, and upload it, all very easily.


Yesterday I saw some retro looking dresses hanging on the stairway door.

“What’s with these dresses?” I asked.

“They are Sharon Krabill’s,” said Mom. “She thought maybe I could wear them to Thailand, but they don’t fit.”

Sharon Krabill is our pastor’s wife.

“Can I wear one?” I asked, and Mom said I could.


To the free borrowed retro dress I added red shoes that Amy gave me for my birthday nearly five years ago, and a belt that I bought two years ago. The belt came with a skirt and together they cost $1.50, so I guess the total cost of this outfit was about ¢75.


Day 12: 3-in-1 Special

First off, I PROMISE I was going to post yesterday but by the time I got to it the internet had already been shut off for the night. True story.
I wore this.

T-shirt: Borrowed from Ben.
Me: Ben, can I wear your t-shirt?
Ben: Why?
Me: I want to clean the oven and this is the nearest stained t-shirt I can find.
Ben: Okay

The skirt is not a skirt but an old tablecloth which I pulled from the old-tablecloth drawer.

I wore this because I was cleaning the oven. It was a terribly dirty messy gross job. Hence the dirty messy gross attire.

Today I wore this.

The skirt and t-shirt both were given to me by Amy…though I can’t remember why exactly. The white shirt was from Mom. I think it was too tight on her. I need to shorten the sleeves to 3-quarter-length because they aren’t quite long enough for my super-long arms.

Oh, and remember the other day when I was talking about my layered scarves but didn’t show a picture?

Yeah. Here is a picture of that.

Random observation: I’ve been taking all my pics in the kitchen lately.

Day 10: Invisable layered scarves

I say invisible, because I don’t have a picture. I mean, I do have a picture, but I didn’t put it on here. I mean I did put it on here, it is just invisible.













The invisible picture is in that blank space.

Today I layered a blue scarf and a purple scarf. They were both filmy and see-through so together they looked quite fairy like. Everyone who mentioned it to me thought it was just one scarf with pretty colors.

I have never layered scarves before, and I was delighted with how it turned out.

I went “shopping” at Sears today, only shopping is in quotations marks because I didn’t buy anything. I got a Sears gift certificate for Christmas, and I thought that, for once, I might buy some clothes. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot, that is, CANNOT, spend thirty dollars on a pair of shoes I sort of like but don’t really need. Even if I have enough gift certificate money for it. There is an inner recoil inside me that will not allow me to splurge on an article of clothing unless it is something I have been needing/wanting/desiring for at least several months.

Even then, my splurges don’t run over twelve dollars. And I have to psych myself out, telling myself that I’ve earned it.

After Sears I went into Rue21 and almost impulse-purchased some lip-gloss, because I thought I had two dollars in my pocket. But I didn’t, and so I didn’t buy it, because I REALLY am trying to not use my debit card so much.

I don’t buy clothes, but I do impulse purchase things that are under $2.00. This is mostly cosmetics and food. I really should SAVE those two dollars instead of impulse spending them, because if I saved them and saved them and saved them for a couple years I could pay for about one college credit.

Or half of a college textbook.

Or a pile of fun causmetics and yummy food.

Oh wait…

I’m not sure what point I am trying to make. I’m not sure this is a fashion post anymore. I’m going to bed.

Day 9: Here we go a-partyin

I spent the morning in my pj’s wrapping Christmas presents. You don’t get to see a picture of that.

I spend the afternoon at Brownsville-school, directing the Christmas program, trying to get the wise men to say their line (ONE SIMPLE LINE) in something more than a boring monotone. For that I wore something sort of ugly which you also do not get to see a picture of.

Then, I rushed home, took a nap, and rushed of to a party. The company dinner, for Grocery Depot. I wore this:

Hmm. Not sure I like it THAT much but it will do.

I wore the same tank top I wore yesterday, and a fancy black skirt I borrowed from Amy, so it looked sort of like I was wearing a black dress.

The sweater was a splurge. I got it in Poland for what I think was about twelve dollars. But I had been trying to find a nice gray sweater for years, and this one was 20%cashmere, so I decided it was worth it.

Twelve dollars is about how much I am willing to splurge on something nice that I really need in my closet. Like my saddle shoes.

Now, a thrifty hint of the day: find a store/garage sale that will allow you to fill a bag for  a certain price. When I lived in Redmond the local thrift store allowed you, on a certain day of the month, to fill a bag for six dollars.

I made use of it. One of the things in my bag was this scarf. It is very soft and red and warm.


P.S. I ate squid and sushi for the first time. I wouldn’t recommend either, honestly, though I sort of wish I could love sushi. I feel like cultured and artsy people love sushi.

Day 8: You don’t even need to see a picture, silly goose!

I am waaaaaaaaaaay too tired to try to take a picture of my outfit. At this time of the night there is no one up to take it for me, so I have to take it myself, in the mirror, and we all know how well that goes *coughyesterdaycough*.

Anyway, I don’t even need to show you a picture, because today I wore the skirt I wore on Day 7, the scarf I wore on Day 2, and the sweater I wore on Day 3.

I also wore a black sweater tank top which my Aunt Geneva gave me once. I remember loving the fabric, but I could never wear it because the neck was too low, so it sat in my closet untouched for years.

Later, I learned that I could wear it over another shirt, like a vest.

Still later I learned that I could turn it around and wear it backwards, so that the neck would be high enough if I wore another shirt or jacket or sweater over it. That’s what I did today.

Remember how I could NOT for the life of me wear that scarf last time I wore it? It is such an awkward length. I like to tie it in a bow but my bows always come out lopsided.

Well today I did it and liked how it turned out. Let me see if I can show you via paint.

So that’s that. Goodnight beautiful people.

Day 7: Home interior special.

Today was one of those, “Oh hey, clothes, I think I’ll put them on” days. Denim skirt from Amy, white long-sleeved t-shirt from Mom, green shirt from Mom.

I got the green shirt years and years ago. At first I thought it was kind of bizarre but it very quickly became my favorite blouse. Now it is wearing out, which makes me sad.

You may be interested in knowing that not only do I enjoy clothing, I also enjoy interior decorating to an extent. I don’t like to spend money on decorating things either. So, since my clothing-in-the-mirror picture showed more mirror than clothing, I’ll focus this post on my vanity table.

This table itself I got for…free. And no it wasn’t something Mom had on hand, I found it on craigslist and made Dad stop on the way to church so we could put it in the back of our van. The big gold mirror, however, was something we had on hand. Both may end up getting painted, but for now they are what they are.

The leopard print scarf hanging on the mirror I got from my uncle Rod a couple years ago when he went to Yemen. The pink hat hanging from the mirror I got from my friend Louise for my graduation. We both have an uncanny love of hats and tea.

The little metal tray with the sugar bowl and cream pitcher on it I got from Amy many Christmas’s ago. I use it to hold hair clips and ties.

The next two glass perfume bottles I also got from Amy, though I don’t remember what the occasion was. I will put perfume in them, once I get the old perfume smell out off them.

The taller glass perfume bottle next to them I got from my Aunt Berniece when she moved and gave away all her stuff. I poured into it some body spray that my friend Phebe gave me for my birthday this summer.

The round powder puff and the star-shaped perfume next to it were both given to me by Mom at different times. The doily I stole from Mom’s collection. It has a hole in it which I strategically covered up.

The little cosmetic case on the right I got at goodwill for really cheap. It was either a dollar fifty, or three dollars, or some other relatively low number. It was filled with old make-up and nail polish, which I’ve used in various craft projects since. I also used it to make Jenny look super creepy.

The silver tray on top is from an old tea set that my cousin Justin gave me once when he had my name in the gift exchange at school. I was probably eleven. The tea pot that went with it is reflected in the mirror. It sits on my windowsill and holds matches so that I can light my candles.

On top of the silver tray are some of my perfumes and lotions. Some were given to me, and some I bought so long ago I don’t even remember how much they cost. The one pink one with the silver plastic top I got in Kenya for, I think it was a dollar-fifty or three dollars or something.

It smells really nice but the smell doesn’t last very long at all.

Therefore, the whole girly mess cost me somewhere in the ballpark of less than ten dollars, though how much less is yet to be determined, as I have trouble remembering costs at times.

Day 6: Christmas is coming, Ebenezer!

Hey, would you look at that. I can upload pictures now! (I’ll pretend that the temporary glitch in my mother’s computer is the reason I haven’t been posting.)

I mean, I haven’t been posting? What are you talking about? Those two weeks I missed don’t count, duh.

Why? Because I SAY they don’t count, that’s why, and I run this blog.

Now that we have that cleared up…

I dressed up in this Christmas outfit for a holiday tea party with my mom and sister. Then I decided to wear it to the play, since it is closing night, and I want to look pretty and spiffy and stuff.

The dress I borrowed from Amy. She graduated in it. The shoes Amy gave me. I painted the soles red with nail polish so they would look like Louboutins. But you can’t tell from the picture.

Scarf was a gift from my cousin Stephy. Ah! Glitter!

I am off to perform in the LAST NIGHT OF MY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(if you read between the lines you may figure out why I have been too busy to post, and why, starting tomorrow, I will not be too busy to post anymore.)

Day…what’s going on?

And…the computer is not uploading pictures. What? Stupid technical difficulties.

I tried to relieve my feelings of frustration by heaving a huge growling sigh, but I think it kind of scared my family.

Day 5: Emily Smucker, world traveller.

I am so tired. Why did I forget to do this until now? Bah.

I didn’t actually use the suitcase today, I just grabbed it for the pic. Early Christmas present from Mom.

Shoes=saddle shoes yo

Tights=one dollar, got them at payless when I got my saddle shoes.

Skirt=salvation army in Newport, aka, best store ever.

Top=same one I wore yesterday. I was lazy. I’m wearing it to bed now.

Sweater=from my cousin Stephy.


I got to hang out with Stephy today. I miss her. We don’t hang out enough. I need to retain our friendship or else she won’t get me awesome sweaters for Christmas anymore.


Broach is from Mom. She had it and I wanted it so I got a free broach from my Aunt Berneice and traded it to Mom for that pink broach.



Day 4: Emily loses her feet

I was tired of taking pictures after I was home from practice and worn to the bone. So today, when I was leaving for work at noon, I frantically asked Mom to take a snap of me. Outside, you know, to get nice natural light.

She did it. She was talking on the phone at the time, but I learned that it is possible to take a picture while you are talking on the phone. At least it is for my mother.

I don’t really like the picture. I look as though I have no feet.

Anyway, the skirt I sewed when I was fifteen, because I needed a school uniform skirt. I loved the pattern, and later used it to make a skirt with a bubble print and the skirt of my green 50’s style dress.

Tip: If you find a pattern you like, hold onto it and use it again and again and again. A good pattern is worth it’s size in gold. (I say size, not weight, because patterns don’t weigh that much.)

I should dye that skirt too, as the black is fading.

The aqua t-shirt I got at JC Penny once. I don’t remember when. I bought a bunch of solid color t-shirts which I have used in various layering projects since.

I ❤ solid color t-shirts. I need to buy some more, actually. I’m thinking I’ll go on a day when I can get $10 off a purchase of $10 or more.

And now, I have a story for you, boys and girls. It is the story of the pink blouse, and in it is one of the most important tips I will be able to give you, ever.

One day I saw a pink blouse in a bag. I liked it. “Hey Mom,” I said, “what’s with this pink blouse?”

“It’s too small for me, so I’m returning it,” she said.

“Oh oh oh! Can I have it?” I asked.

“Yes, if it fits you,” said Mom.

So I tried it on and, alas, the blouse was too big. “It’s too big,” I said to my mom, “but I just learned how to make big shirts smaller.”

“Are you sure?” said Mom, “because that shirt was kind of expensive.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes I can! I am a wizard at making big shirts smaller. I have magic hands. I can do it, oh yes, I can I can!”

“Okay,” said my Mother.

So I took the shirt and I tried it on. I pinched and measured and surged and made the blouse smaller.

It was a bit too small, actually.

I wore it anyway, because I didn’t want to admit to my Mom that I had messed up her expensive blouse. I wore it to the fair, where the weather got hotter and hotter and my tight shirt stuck to my skin and was nearly unbearable. After that I pretty much never wore that shirt again.

(Yes, I did wear it today. I wore it open so that no one would know it was tight. I don’t really like how it looks, though. I think it made me look boxy, but it doesn’t really matter anyway because I was at work all day and had an apron on over.)

Anyway, there are several morals to the story:

1. Unless you are an 100% truly done-this-250-times expert, only modify clothes that cost you little-to-nothing. Because there is a large possibility that you may mess up.

2. Do not surge. Always sew. That way, if you make a mistake, you can pick out the stitches and do it over.

3. Do your measuring for alterations on a dressmaker’s dummy, not yourself. I know that many people do not have a dressmaker’s dummy, and I don’t know what to say to them, except, “do you have a friend who is your size who you can turn into a dressmaker’s dummy for fifteen  minutes?”
Because when it comes down to it, it is super hard to get an accurate measurement on yourself.

I guess that is it for today. Except for my shoes. (I really do have feet, even though it doesn’t look like that in the picture.)

I am wearing my saddle shoes.

What a surprise!

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